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Cookin' With Gas

Web Series Pilot

Cookin' With Gas is a web series pilot about a young man who dreams of opening a barbecue empire. These dreams are in danger of becoming deferred by his addiction to betting on drag races and his money-hungry girlfriend.

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The Lyra Jones Story

Feature Screenplay

Lyra Jones has big dreams of writing and recording a platinum-selling album. When she teams up with and falls for a power-hungry music producer, she struggles to find the inner strength to fight temptations and her personal demons, which could derail her journey to stardom.

Dog Snaps

Flash Fiction

Jackie must take photos of pets at an animal shelter to become the first person in her family to graduate from college. The problem is she has a fear of dogs. 

Short Film

Randee has a goal to become the next hot entertainment reporter. The problem is that her loose mouth catches up with her. 

The Heirloom
Game Design Document

Melanie comes home and finds her house ransacked and her $15,000 necklace missing. 

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